everyone’s got different ideas, some better than others!

I asked the Tribers what we should put on our blog.

‘Jokes,’ said Copper Pie. I knew he’d either have no ideas or a rubbish one. He doesn’t know any jokes apart from the chicken-crossing-the-road sort, and even then he gets them wrong.

‘It’s an excellent idea, Keener,’ said Bee. I knew she’d like the Tribers having our own blog. ‘We can tell everyone about Bactrian camels and Black Rhinos. Get the whole world to care about saving them.’

‘You’ve forgotten something, Bee,’ said Jonno. She made a not-likely face at him. ‘No one will read our blog. We can write what we like but why would anyone read it?’

Fifty woke up from his daydream sitting on the safe in the Tribehouse. ‘So, we need to get famous.’

See what I mean? Jokes, saving endangered animals and being famous – those are the Tribers ideas. I think I’ll just write what I like, and see what happens.

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