T M Alexander

about writing

T. M. Alexander has been writing since she was about four years old. That’s when she learnt to make her pencil do those funny wiggly shapes that grown-ups call letters. Since then she’s written notes, essays, the answers to exam questions, postcards, shopping lists, birthday cards and Christmas present tags. But until 2009 she’d never written a book . . .

weird things

Like Bee, she talks and walks and argues in her sleep AND remembers her dreams.

She also does all her writing hidden behind a bookcase somewhere in north Bristol.


try control-shift-r, cmd-shift-r or F5 to let you see the door again


She has a husband who can mend anything and three children who lose and break things but are quite funny.

T. M. Alexander can’t speak in the morning until . . .

she’s had an enormous mug of tea.

She loves doing school visits and running workshops in the classroom. Find out more about T. M. Alexander at tmAlexander.com or email her by clicking here.

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