Buy jonno nowThe firsTribe 1 Book Covert book: The Day The Ear Fell Off

Winner of the 2010 Hull Children’s Book Award

The Tribers get Copper Pie out of a heap of trouble when his catapult catapults something it shouldn’t. They sort out some bother in the alley and they save a defenseless creature. They have a lot of fun, a few hairy moments, some disagreements and a run in with the Head. It’s all part of the life of your average Triber.[Previously published under the title ‘Jonno Joins’]

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The second: A Thousand Water BombsTribe 2 Book Cover

No one can join and no one can leave, that’s what they agreed. So¬†when Copper Pie disappears with the enemy, Tribe itself is threatened. When someone else wants to join that’s becomes another problem, and a thief in school adds to the trouble. Can Tribe sort it all out? [Previously published under the title ‘Goodbye Copper Pie’]

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Tribe 3 Book coverThe third book: Labradoodle on the Loose

It all goes from bad to worse. They lose Bee’s dog, Doodle, somehow get involved in a kidnap, get to know the local police sarge a bit too well and have a disaster of a birthday party (twice). Can they come out on top after all that?

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The fourth book : Monkey Bars and Rubber DucksTribe 4 Book Cover

Nothing could make Keener bunk off school, so why is he slipping out of the school gates at lunchtime? Nothing will get Fifty in the river at camp so why is he standing on the river bank ready for action? Being a Triber is sometimes tough, but it’s always worth it.

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