meet Bee

(short for Beatrice)

Bee is one of those people you never forget

She’s got black hair that’s always tied up in a ponytail and a long fringe that’s always in her eyes. Good job too, because a mean look from Bee is enough to make you shudder. She’s bossy, quite scary – unless you’re her friend – and almost never wrong. Everything to do with saving the planet is programmed into her brain. She knows about recycling trainers, saving water, saving starving children, saving Rhinos . . . The other thing she’s mad about is food. Crisps are evil. Blueberries are super. Battery farming is evil. Here-chick-chick-come-and-eat-seeds-from-my-hand farming is super.

facts about Bee


Twin brothers, who are twenty and look exactly the same as each other and nothing like the rest of the family. Her mum works in the hospital and her dad is something to do with printers. They never have any money, but there’s always nice food at Bee’s. She would rather go to other people’s houses though. (She likes Fifty’s mum best.)

Bee’s wish

Bee would like some attention. Her mum is always busy at work, or shopping. Dad is at work or football. Bee looks after herself most of the time. That’s why she goes home with the Tribers as often as she can.

Bee’s dream job

On the telly, famous for saving the planet.

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