Get to know the Tribers

Welcome to the Tribers website, where you can discover more facts about the group of ordinary kids who aren’t leading ordinary lives, not now they’re Tribe.

They go to school, go home, have tea, watch telly, play stuff on the computer, ride bikes, just like everyone else does. But because they’re Tribe, they do a whole lot more.

The five friends form Tribe (that makes them the Tribers) when Jonno joins the school. They agree the rules (but don’t always remember what they are). There are weekly meetings (Keener makes the lists of things to discuss), special handshakes, fact sheets, Tribe subs (for chocolate), a manifesto (ask Bee, no one else knows what it is), but most importantly they have to be Tribish, and that means fair, and kind to the planet, and loyal.

Get to know what the Tribers like and what they don’t, what secrets they’d like to keep, what they eat and what games they play. When you feel you know the Tribers why don’t you try out the quiz to test your knowledge.

Email tm@tmAlexander.com if there’s something you are busting to ask about Tribe.

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